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Welcome to Wahmall.co.uk, a web site where you can buy and sell items in auction format. There are also Wahmall Instock Shops, for more information about the shops please go to SHOP INFO under HELP topics at the bottom of this page.

Registered Auction users may place items up for auction and may bid on other user's items. To register, you must provide your name, an address, and your email address. You must be over 18 years. Anyone can sell at the Wahmall auction, as long as you are a sahm or a wahm or own a wahm related business. You do not have to be a shop owner to list on Wahmall Auctions.

When selling an item, you may enter a description of the item, upload a photograph, and indicate the minimum bid and a reserve price for the item. You can also indicate what payments you will accept and whether you or the buyer will pay postage.

PLEASE NOTE! If you want to ask the Seller a private Question, click on their ID - which is highlighted in their auction. You will then be taken to a page with a box. There you'll see "Contact with ..."

click on the ID again, and fill in the query. This is a "private" email to the Seller.

If you POST a Question to the Seller, then it will appear in that auction and will stay there until the auction has ended. This is NOT private.

Sellers are notified by email when an auction is concluded. If a winner exists, the winner and seller are provided each other's contact information.

If you require information about new shops or general wahmall info please email customersupport@wahmall.co.uk

If you require help with passwords or specific auction questions please email myself at admin@wahmall.co.uk

Thank you
Sun Lovatt
Owner of Wahmall.co.uk

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